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Cozart Consulting, Inc of Charlottesville, Virginia

Helping individuals and organizations

function at an all-inclusive and optimal level in the service of equity and justice

Selena Cozart of Cozart Consulting, Inc

Meet Selena Cozart, PhD

  • PH.D Education 

  • M.T. Secondary English

  • B.A. English Language & Literature

  • Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society Member

  • Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education Member



Cozart Consulting, Inc. has extensive expertise in facilitating dialogue and community engagement in the service of equity and justice while hosting a diverse and full range of skills that affect community change through written and spoken conversation and action. 

Through the services of Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Training, and Strategic Planning involving race, equity, diversity, inclusion (REDI), justice, and antiracism, Cozart Consulting, Inc. helps individuals and organizations function at an all-inclusive and optimal level. 


Cozart Consulting, Inc. Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Developing a thought-partnership with executives and individuals.

Sharing a private and confidential space that promotes growth and new perspectives.

Helping to personally and professionally create the next steps for the vision, mission, and goals.

Improving and building upon the  fundamental understandings of business, emotional intelligence, and learning. 

Identifying challenges while uncovering strengths and resources.

Maintaining consistent client accountability, engagement, and motivation for action.

Cozart Consulting, Inc. Facilitation and Training

Facilitation & Training 

Obtaining professional expertise in engaging content and guiding conversations involving race, equity, diversity, inclusion (REDI), justice, and antiracism. 

Co-creating an interactive and educational space resulting in an experience of value for all participants.

Helping individuals and organizations to identify and own truths and experiences around REDI work. 

Having a thought partner and emcee for meetings and events who can keep the audience engaged while honoring the topic and guest content providers.

Cozart Consulting, Inc. Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Helping individuals and teams including boards of directors, executive teams, and organizational staff members to identify where they are and where they would like to be, and within a projected time. 

Helping to create an atmosphere of  individual and team buy-in which promotes essential engagement and cohesion.

Specializing in the Strategic Doing™ framework for an iterative approach to strategic planning that allows organizations to be responsive and agile in the development and implementation of their plans for the future.





Selena helped our team take a step back from our daily work to think about the bigger picture, goals, and how to reach them. She helped connect us with our interests and provided useful tools to keep the conversation going moving forward. She was a great faciltiator who established the right framework and knew which questions to ask. Outstanding!

Abby Miller, ASA Research, LLC

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